Brief 2 Work in Progress

How an Electric Guitar Worx2

Suggestions on font would be choice. I’m kinda undecided on what kind of style I want to use..

Here’s an A8 as well  –}



2 thoughts on “Brief 2 Work in Progress

  1. Jarrod I think your idea is awesome and obviously something that you are very knowledgable about. I think your font is awesome as the title fits with the theme of guitars and edgy music. The body text is easy to read. The details in the close ups are awesome too!


  2. Jarrod this is looking pretty rockin’. I like your simple colour palette as it is visually pleasing but also representative of typical guitar colours. I think the font for the title is perfect for this infographic. My only concern is the format for some of the body text. I think that for the first section it is too ‘block like’ and should maybe wrap around some of the guitar contours. At the moment it feels a bit disjointed from the image. There is also not enough space between the name of the guitars and the image of them…maybe just make the guitars a tad smaller? 🙂 apart from these fiddly things I think it’s looking really good and the A8 is simple but effective. Can’t wait to see how you finish it!


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