Brief 2, Research Post #5 – Guitar infographics

I haven’t actually found very many effective infographics on exactly how an electric guitar works, most graphics just seem to point out the various parts to a guitar. However, I thought the ones I have found could be good points of reference when beginning to construct and write mine.

Regardless of how unappealing and unattractive it appears on the eyes, I think this does fulfil the criteria of an infographic. They’ve explained the basic procedure of how an electric guitar works but they’ve done so using specific terminology and diagrams, there isn’t a picture of an amp anywhere on the diagram but instead just close-up shots. This is something I need to bare in mind when writing my own to use layman terms to describe the parts.

The second one more so describes, rather than explains how a guitar works. The terminology is understandable because of the diagram dead centre but it explains it too simply and is really convoluted, repeating itself numerous times throughout. It takes three paragraphs to describe that the guitar picks up the sound, which travels through the lead and out the amplifier, most people understand this kind of knowledge already. It doesn’t go into the specifics of exactly how an electric works, the different vibrations and signals present.

This’ll be helpful when writing my own to keep it short, simple and describe in full.


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