Communication Objectives (Brief 2)

I’ve decided to pick my first idea of how an electric guitar works to do my infographic on, below are some of the communication objectives I hope to achieve when it’s finished.

An electric guitar works in a series of logical steps, which will require me to create a narrative within the image to direct the viewers eye around the piece. Some of the terms I will be referring to on the guitar won’t make sense without a corresponding graphic, something I am aware of and will need to incorporate within the piece in a way that doesn’t overcomplicate or end up requiring too much space.

Most people listen to music on a daily basis and is a big part of our lives, whether we play an instrument or not it’s something we can relate to and take interest in. I’ll need a striking visual of an electric guitar to gain the viewers attention, this is where the use of colour will come in, the central guitar will use a primary colour scheme with the subsidiary information located around it using different shades of the original colour. I want the infographic to be full of energy like the feedback you hear from an amp, so deciding on a palette and considering the different emotions colours can produce is important.

Use of text will further supplement the images, especially in explaining the process of how string vibrations travel from the guitar to the pre-amp and from the pre-amp to the variations in tones you hear in different genres (blues, rock, alternative, heavy metal, etc).


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