Brief 2, Research Post #2 – Colour

Choice of colour will be important in my infographic, something which I want to convey energy and excitement when explaining how an electric guitar works. By choosing too many colours, an infographic can become busy, detracting from the overall impact of the piece. I found some useful tips on colour restrictions that include:

  1. sticking to two primary colours (no more than four)
  2. make use of complementary colours
  3. instead of adding another colour, use a different shade of an already used colour

The infographic below is a good example of the above rules in action. Red and green appear to be the primary colours used, they’re also complementary as well, creating a pleasing image to look at. Although it may appear as though there are more colours, everything is either another shade of red/green – bar the exception of the company logo at the bottom. The use of shades adds depth and tone, without cluttering up the image, an example of how colour is used within an infographic.


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