Brief 2, Research Post #1 – Infographics

So, what makes a good infographic? Concise copy, research and clear visual style.

A recurring theme brought up in tutorial last week, and from what I’ve found online, is the importance of researched content alongside the graphics. A good infographic contains dense amounts of research, from multiple sources to validate the information I’m giving. Many of the sites I visited to research this post discussed leaving an impression on the viewer, whether this is through visual style or, through the variety of information contained within the infographic which is where research will have an influence.  I’m also doing myself a favour by using multiple sources, improving upon my own understanding of how the process works which leads me to my next point, concise copy.

As the creator, I’m condensing a huge body of information within a single image so my written elements will be just as important as visuals. Good copy will inform each viewer and leave them with the same amount of knowledge. It needs to be clear enough to understand, but not too short so that it leaves the viewer guessing, requiring her/him to fill in the blanks. This is different however to encouraging the reader to seek out more detailed information on the topic, something good copy should indeed to do. I’m creating a narrative, a story which is unfolding as the viewer looks at the image and should be easy to disseminate.

Lastly, a clear and exciting visual style is required. Less is more, according to several of the websites I visited, simple graphics and a limited colour palette appears to be the general rule. This is also coincides with creating a narrative flow, intersecting with copy by illustrating in sections, so as to not bombard the viewer. Simple, but also looking awesome is also another way of making a good infographic, an interesting graphic will grab the viewers attention and keep them there long enough to read through and analyse the whole thing. Take the infographic below, it’s an interesting idea but executed poorly. The visuals are boring, it doesn’t entice me at all and the copy requires me to think too much about what they’re actually trying to tell me. Numbers in the millions and billions are hard to conceptualise also and I think the used the wrong visuals to try and do this also.



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