Top 5 Comments

Below are my top 5 comments on other peoples blogs

Yohanna Najoan – Communication objectives:

I’m not sure how useful this may be but if you wanted some more context or background to your idea then B.F Skinner & John B. Watson are some of the founding figures around behavioural psychology and particularly conditioning to an environment given the right stimuli.

In regards to your objectives though it should be quite a thought-provoking piece since the awareness of gender roles in society are so much more prevalent now more than ever. Have you considered though just doing either male or female and not both? Just thinking about space and how busy you want your final image to be is all, maybe you could even combine male and female to include LGBT even?

Blade Broome – Concept for final idea:

This is probably one of the strangest articles I’ve seen someone do for this assignment, definitely had my interest immediately. If I was looking at this for the first time and hadn’t read your article I would assume it had a positive connotation to it, but instead if you delve further there’s an interesting contrast between what appears light but is really a serious and odd issue.

I would just be careful though when you’re taking your images for this and watch out for shadows and lighting – especially with the beer can – to make it as realistic as possible. It’s one of the issues I’m having with mine.

Santihap Soumphonphakdy – Concept thumbnails:

You’ve got a really interesting article here and your thumbnails reflect this. Your first thumbnail could be quite powerfully communicated, especially in terms of the effects and consequences of the ‘mouse clicks’ on content produced. Concept four also looks good in the idea of both the computer and solider merging together from what was once separate, the same with your fifth concept as well. The right use of colour could make any of these really effective visual pieces. My only recommendation would be to think about the background/s you would use for these images as it would add another sense of visual interest to the image as well.

Emily Fly – Progress:

Wow this is looking seriously cool already, you can tell you’ve put a lot of thought into how you will approach meeting your communication objectives. Really liking the use of colour as well to make it seem ethereal and dream-like. Maybe you could incorporate some darker colours into the background as well to make it appear more like nighttime and the strangeness of the situation.

Tyler Brady – Progress 1

Your image clarity/quality is really striking which makes the piece easy to look at, communicating your article really clearly already. I’m not sure what you’re doing in terms of a background yet but maybe using a neutral background would balance the piece out quite well since you’re colours are quite vibrant and dominating. Looking forward to seeing your final piece though.


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