Research Post #5 – Effective visual communication

Here are some examples below which effectively communicate visual meaning without the use of text. The central idea about global warming/climate change is expressed so clearly that the viewer can interpret the message easily.

The viewer can interpret the image above and know it’s global warming from its use of a world map, illustrating a problem which effects us all. The viewer also recognises global warming as being caused by carbon emissions and the burning of fossil fuels with the incorporation of the industrial chimneys spewing out gasses. Colour used also evokes these ideas of burning through oranges, greys, yellows and blacks to further visually communicate. If the background was a clear blue for instance, we would not get the same effective visual communication.

Another example of effective visual communication is the one above where again, the viewer can recognise the idea of global warming/climate change occurring. The candle analogy eludes to the planet melting, just like the wax of a candle, as a result of industrial activities and such as the burning of fossil fuels. Because of the added earth, it makes a convincing example of visual communication when its something directly observable such as earth and therefore gets the viewer thinking more in-depth about the image.



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