Research Post #4 Image Manipulation

Within my final image I will need to do a fair amount of image manipulation as I’m aiming to create the effect of a city half-submerged in water. Another point of potential manipulation will be the water in the top half of the hourglass, I’m unsure yet however as to how I will make the water look realistic in whether I want it to appear like a sea or more subdued like still water. I took the photos below the other day to gain some idea of how I may want to manipulate the water inside the glass.DSC01368 DSC01198

After taking these I realise I can also manipulate the scale of the hourglass itself by how I present the water, to make it look like the city below is full-size and encapsulated metaphorically within an hourglass or to make it appear on a smaller scale. Points I will have to think about more in-depth when I begin constructing my image in photoshop.

ny waterny water 2

The images above are similar to how I would envision my final composite to look, so ensuring I have plenty of different choices of how I want the water to look will be important. To the left, the stillness makes it appear almost eerie, like there is no occupant of the city which could be a powerful image to show the consequences. The blending has also been done well, where it’s hard to identify areas where it looks ‘stuck on.’


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