Research Post #3 Colour

Colour will seek to add a further visual element to my piece to non-verbally communicate my objectives, picking and choosing the right ones then will be an important part of the process.

colour 1

I particularly like the use of colour in the above image and the way its been used to very easily get the message across to the audience. On the left is a healthy, natural shaped planet juxtaposed against one that has been used extract its natural resources through the burning of fossil fuels and industrialism. As the viewer, how do we know these two planet-like objects represent different things? The use of colour. We know that green means growth, nature, balance and harmony. We think of summer days and picnics with birds chirping somewhere in the trees which causes us to conjure an image in our mind akin to what we’re seeing. This is contrasted with the use of a monotonous grey of the planet next to it, we think of grey as being dull, boring, uniform, bleak. It doesn’t stimulate our interest as a viewer and it should repulse us.

With the use of a similar colour scheme, I hope to imitate the use of monotone, grey-like colours that represents a grimy, wasteful city with a pool of water surrounding it to represent the melting of the ice caps as a result of accelerated climate change.


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