Research Post #2 Composition

How I choose to compose and construct my image will be one of the most important features to my final piece as it will instruct the viewer where to look and indicate significant points of communication. Understanding what composition is and how it can impact upon imagery is therefore a necessity.

Simply put, composition is the arrangement of elements within an image and deciding where the eye will be led and the central point of interest for the onlooker. The purposeful arrangement of visual elements within a piece can be seen throughout visual history, indicating its importance. In particular, the rule of thirds principle acts as a guideline as to where the elements should be placed within an image. The image is divided into nine squares across two horizontal lines with the most important objects/elements placed on the lines or their intersections.

‘The Last Supper’ – Leonardo DaVinci

These lines can be applied to DaVinci’s Last Supper in which we see points of interest along the lines of intersection. So to in the image of the cheetah below, with the cheetah intersecting perfectly between two clash points.

MOC Zuckerman on Composition Rule of Thirds 1-2

Being aware of these rules will instruct me on how best to compose my own image within adherence to the rule, ensuring I communicate in the most effective way with my viewer. Using a vertical format, I want to use the central square as an interest, ideally showing a water droplet moments from falling onto the city below, creating an anticipation of the what comes next. The two vertical lines will be important in showing what is above and below of the droplet.



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