Concept Thumbnails.


My first concept illustrates the rate at which global warming is heating the planet, with my idea of the continents inside a frying pan being ‘cooked.’ I would digitally manipulate the continents to be similar to that of butter being melted, moments before it begins to lose it’s shape and melt completely. This is probably my strongest idea I’ve had alongside my next one, I think it would be a simple but effective way of getting the message across.


My second concept again revolves around this idea of the planet’s temperature becoming warmer. I would use the idea of the planet being like an ice-cream and at first glance the image may seem harmless to the viewer as I would also have the beach/sand in the background to evoke feelings of summer. I would then however use a melting earth to substitute ice-cream (ice-scream maybe?) to create a serious meaning behind it.


My chosen article acknowledges the ideas of time running out and the rate of global warming increasing with water levels rising and land masses coming under threat, particularly in the Pacific. The idea of time would be captured within an hour glass as instead of sand, it would be water dripping through. I would take photos of the Auckland landscape to create a national/local feel to the piece and show the potential effects.


This idea would focus on the idea of fossil fuels and the immense damage it does to our environment, creating disastrous effects on the rate of global warming. I’m not particularly skilled at drawing, so if you read the caption you’ll get the idea but I through the Victoria Park chimney could be used and duplicated to emit a smog like substance with a the world map in the smog, vaguely fixed to illustrate the damage global warming will cause.


This is easily my weakest idea and still not fully developed but it revolves around the idea of sucking the planet dry of its natural resources, with earth taking the shape of a coconut, with a straw coming out and being sipped. The planet would almost have a deflated look to it but like the ice-cream idea, would have tropical looking trees and an idyllic background. The person drinking the coconut would also be made to look like a corporate bigwig, only looking at the profits to be gained rather than sustainability and future generations.


3 thoughts on “Concept Thumbnails.

  1. All your concepts have a lot of thought put into them, but I agree that your frying pan idea is your strongest. I think it has a lot of potential visually, especially with the continents looking like melting butter, which represents your idea well. Your coconut concept could do with more development in order to communicate your message better.


  2. I think your concepts are simple but effective! I particularly like the first and second concept – the frying pan idea is quite clever. It would be visually striking. A suggestion would be to add a stove as a background where you can see the fire surrounding the frying pan, I think this could help to communicate the ‘melting continents’ idea more. As for the ice-cream, I think this is also a strong concept. Make sure to have your main object focused and slightly blur out the background for depth. Overall I think you’ve done a good job so far 🙂


  3. In terms of communicating your communication objectives and making a striking image, I agree with Amy that the frying pan is one of the strongest ideas. It would be a clever approach that hasn’t been done before as far as I’m aware. You could use – like you said, chunks of butter or manipulate different patches of grass and cut them into the shape of different continents. This would be a clever way of getting at least 2 images into your composition. I also like the concept of the sand timer but I’m not sure if this clearly illustrates the idea of global warming when first looking at it. I think you need to go with the idea which gets the idea across within the first 5 seconds of looking at it. All the best, I’m sure you’ll come up with something pretty cool….I mean warm 🙂 global warm..


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