Communication Objectives.

Revisiting my article, I noted down some of the more salient points I want to communicate with my audience which will ideally form the base of my thumbnail sketches. I want to stay away from the idea that students don’t necessarily have internet but rather that the internet students currently have is not at an acceptable level for the way learning in the classroom has arrived at. Ideas of how this impacts upon a child’s learning, the internet as being essential for learning to occur and the gap widening between haves and have nots are some of the central themes that consistently arise throughout.

The image I create will endeavour to communicate an amalgamation of these themes, the idea that not having the right internet connection discourages learning from occurring, having a negative impact upon a child’s education and damaging their futures. I want the audience to connect on both a social and political level, to make the issue about a child’s learning and solely that, rather than external economic factors for instance.

The article mentions that some schools must limit students time spent online to ensure that servers aren’t overloaded, this sparked the idea of showing a child ‘clocking in’ to work with a timecard to represent the limited internet usage given however, I’m unsure of whether this would communicate with simplicity my themes.

Another idea I’ve had is the use of a maze or pacman-like layout and instead of pacman pieces there would be ethernet cables to represent those who did and didn’t have the right internet connection struggling to get to the centre (which could be a computer) and pass the obstacles set in the way.


I’ve changed my choice of article. Trying to research ideas for my article proved harder than I thought and left me feeling as if my final composition would be too complicated or would lack the necessary elements.

My new article is about global warming and climate change, in which it disucsses the ideas of change and the amount of time left for change. The current level of consumption compared to previous decades is at an all-time high and as such the rate of climate change is accelerating, causing a host of issuses and challenges in a lesser amount of time than originally believed.



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