Since starting primary school in 1999 the way I’ve completed my various pieces of work and assignments has drastically changed with technological advances in computer software transforming and revolutionising the way learning in the classroom environment occurs.

In many schools around the world laptops and tablets are just another compulsory item to be included on the stationary list as the need for a device and the internet in particular is a critical component of learning. Long gone are the days of using the painstaking Microsoft Encarta or even asking parents the answer to a question, with a few simple swipes, touches and clicks we’re no longer turfed but gloriously surfing those internet waves (shakas brah).

We’re now living in a time where the internet should no longer be a want or need but a basic right for every child receiving an education around the world. My chosen article discusses that whilst nearly every school in the United States has an internet connection of some sort, there are no requirements for the speed of such a connection meaning that some schools may be at a serious disadvantage. I’m sure you can guess the kind of schools that do not have such an access to high-speed connections and connect the dots to an overall declining standard of achievement compared to those who do possess such a connection. Internet speeds and connectivity should be one of the most basic rights when receiving an education, to attempt to level a playing field that hugely disadvantages some groups.

In my piece then I want to visually convey the unfairness and difficulties of not having access to a high-speed internet connection this can cause to a childs education. I hold a a firm belief that no child should be less equal then others when receiving an education.

Article link:

My chosen article is from the Atlantic, a U.S magazine which seeks to publish articles about the issues which are currently pressing in our time, ranging from politics, entertainment, technology and all things in-between.


2 thoughts on “Article.

  1. Fast internet speed is definitely an important aspect to any person who has access to it. From a personal perspective, I definitely feel the strains when my household is reduced to slower internet speeds, or worse dial-up pace! It’s essential for all children to have fast internet as education is increasingly moving to this space – long gone are days of strictly books and pens. I think you now just need to think about how you’ll show this visually. Will it be dull? Colourful? You have plenty of scope to really create something memorable. Best of luck! 🙂


  2. Hey Jarrod! I really like your article, I think it really shows what we are dealing in our society at the moment. I’m just thinking in terms on what kind of images you are going to take to make your vision in a visual text. However, really keen to know what you are going to do next!


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