All images used have been taken by myself.

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My intended communication objective was to explain the process behind the sound an electric guitar makes by condensing a complex process into simple sentences. That might sound basic but let me explain, the electric guitars sound is something we never really think about, or certainly I’ve never given much thought to and I play the guitar myself. You plug in the lead at both ends and away you go so I wanted to communicate a process we never think about.

One of the first tools we used in class was the shape tool which I used to create my background. The most significant application of this would be the background layer which allowed me to manipulate and lock my background without moving anything else around it. In moving pieces around, the grouping tool was particularly effective in adjusting the position of my circles in the second layer as well as grouping my instruments paths into one object.

The pathfinder tool was something else taught in class which had its uses in cropping out unnecessary extras. In one of my circles I used the same guitar vector as the one full sized one, so all I had to do was fit it within its position in the circle and then crop out the remaining extras.

Vectors and the pen tool allowed me to create my graphics and illustrations by tracing over the images I had taken. The Les Paul guitar and amplifier were my images but I couldn’t find any royalty free picture of the Rickenbacker. Consequently I had to make my own by using a mixture of the shape tool, creating the bottom half of the guitar and the using the pen tool in making its head and strings.

The type tool also helped in setting the tone of the infographic in keeping things simple but also pleasing on the eye. I went through a host of different fonts before deciding on the final one to use as I tried out a couple different themes for the piece. In settling on Velocette for the title, I thought it mimicked the Gibson guitar font quite well and was a compromise as I tried to create a neon-type sign which failed horribly. I had to adjust both the leading and tracking in the title, firstly to give myself more space below since there was a big gap between the lines. Secondly, the tracking between the letters was close, making my text with stroke look clunky and heavy, giving room between each of the letters really changed this to make it clear.

Colour choice was probably the hardest to figure out actually, ultimately going with a warm/natural choice in not being too abrasive. I also used gradients in an attempt to give some of my graphics dimension and depth.

Brief 2 – Top 5 Comments

Below are my top 5 comments:

Blade Broome – Progress Update

Really want to see the finished infographic of this as its already looking awesome. I do think that you will need the markings though just in response to the earlier comment, considering it’s one of the points of difference between league and rugby. You might just want to be careful with how much text you use to balance the graphic out as well but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Keep it up!


Yohanna Najoan – WORK in Progress

I think your vector art looks really cool, like how you’ve incorporated the tourist vector you had from your WIP ages ago – it’s a creative way of putting it in. A suggestion would be to maybe increase the spacing between some of your titles? It’s mostly just the second one where ‘in’ and ‘perspective’ look like they’re one word. Both of these colour schemes look good though, like you say, the green kinda reminds you of nature whilst the blue is evocative of the sky and flying to your destination.


Mananchaya Wattanachayakul – Progress Report #2

Wow looking really good already! Your graphics have dimension and a soft tone that fits well with your overall theme. Have you tried using gradients to make your cup look more realistic? It could give a subtle lighting effect and make it more how you’d like. Looking forward to seeing your finished infographic!


Emily Fly – I think I’m almost there.. what do you think of my progress?

This is looking very cool! I can see you’ve put some thought into the colour using a calming, healthy blue. Have you thought about perhaps making your title bigger or adjusting the stroke a tiny bit? Other than that, the extra cat makes a good addition!


Tyler Brady – WIP FIVE

Your topic looks like a really interesting one focusing on New Zealand! I like how your colour scheme represents New Zealand’s coasts and forests and your title gives it a rugged feel to the whole thing. Have you thought about including a background colour in the inforgraphic as well? Maybe like some kind of ochre or eggshell?